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All the necessary tools and add-ons that will increase your efficiency and improve the practical component
In our library we have collected all the useful materials: from trading theory to practical analysis of transactions and psychology
  • Notio7 Templates
  • Current tools and resources
  • Collection of indicators*
  • Backtests
  • Guides
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • NFT
  • Investment
  • Trading strategy
  • Analysts
Skills and perseverance have to be rewarded, because every month we provide two community members with a free opportunity to receive funding from a prop firm
Twice a month we host podcasts with community members on working and free topics
Regular conferences on market analysis with the answers questions and sorting out the deals available in the live and in record.
Our community has a specialist in trading psychology who will help you in difficult times and support you in moments of panic and stress
  • Market Analysis
  • Trading strategy
  • Error analysis
  • Answers to questions
  • Publishes articles
  • Analysis of problems
  • Video conferences
  • Help and support
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